Violin, Viola, Cello, and Ukulele Lessons- James L. and Shana Gaskill

Music Lessons in the Florida Keys

James L. and Shana are offering string instrument lessons from their Marathon, Florida location. They teach violin, viola and cello to students of all ages and levels. All students are guaranteed professional level learning. Students can rest assured that they are being trained with correct techniques from the beginning because the instructors are teaching from experience derived from their long professional careers.

Music Lessons via Skype

Students who live far away from the Marathon location now have the opportunity to receive lessons via Skype! For more information about Skype aided lessons contact James at or call 908-294-5941.

Music education is an opportunity to give students a positive experience with learning.

In order to provide this experience, a teacher must provide the materials and the information to meet the needs of every student. Each student is individual and learns in unique ways. It is the teachers job to identify these learning styles to meet the needs of all pupils. Lessons should be structured, yet flexible. Assigned tasks should promote success, but also challenge.

We believe that anyone can learn violin, viola or cello regardless of age.

Our students have ranged in age from pre-school to 80! Most of our students have participated in school, community and youth orchestras and some have become successful in the music profession.

A teacher is not there to punish the negative, rather, reinforce the positive.

Positive feedback should be given to all students as often as possible. We believe in a system of "PCP" or praise-correct-praise. For example if a student demonstrates an exercise with good rhythm but pitch issues we would first praise them on the rhythm accomplishments, correct the pitch and then praise them for trying to fix the problems with children.

Parent involvement and communication is crucial.

Parents can attend lessons and assist with home practice. Parent contact should be frequent right from the beginning, both for positive and negative issues.
Our goal is to nurture students and hope that they see music as a positive experience in order to increase confidence and success.